Search Engine Optimisation

I can offer you a comprehensive service which includes analysing the deep structures of your website and have worked with many SEO companies in the past but none of could deliver the high-quality service that I needed. What I can do is give you the highest possible level of search engine optimisation.

When I set up your pages and make recommendations I will write examples for you to illustrate exactly how they should be constructed. For example how gender pages, categories and sub-categories should be organised. I then give you a roadmap to continually develop the site. On-page analysis to make sure that each of your pages targets a relevant keyword or phrase so that your site can perform at its optimum setting within search.

What is SEO?

SEO is a technique that helps your website appear higher in search engines results pages. Pages that appears higher in the results will receive more visits and these visits can then be turned into customers.

Seo optimisation

  • Audit your site and report on the major issues.
  • Analyse site speed & accessibility
  • Analyse site structure from the homepage through to sub-categories, products and services.
  • URL structure creating the optimum page URLs for your type of business.
  • Drive out duplicate content and meta so that your site is clean and professional.
  • Keyword analysis and phrases linked to each page of your site – maintaining one theme/one page.
  • Grouping pages together for Google which are serving the same purpose.
  • Content creation.
  • Internal link building to strengthen the relationships between your pages.
  • Local SEO including citations and NAPS (Name/Address/Phone)
  • Advise on external link building, what and where to avoid and anchor texts.