About Redcitrus Design

professional web design

With over 16 years of professional web design experience, I pride myself on providing a comprehensive service to my valued clients. My expertise ranges from front-end development and WordPress customisation to building e-commerce websites and delivering custom web design solutions.

My core values

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Redcitrus Design Expertise

My primary areas of expertise are WordPress and Shopify, and I take pride in creating visually stunning and user-friendly websites. One of my greatest strengths as a designer is my creativity and friendly approach to working with clients. I believe that open communication and collaboration are crucial to achieving a successful outcome for any project. So if you’re in need of a versatile and experienced web designer, look no further than Redcitrus Design. I would love the opportunity to help bring your vision to life and deliver exceptional results for your business.

Website Analytics

I also offer services such as creating Analytic reports using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio. These tools allow me to dive deep into data, analyse user behaviour, and present insights in a clear and actionable format.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps me track website and app performance by gathering data on user interactions, traffic sources, and demographics. With Google Tag Manager, I can efficiently manage tracking codes and events, reducing the need for manual code changes and minimising errors.

Google Data Studio

When it comes to presenting the data, Google Data Studio comes into play. It helps me create visual and interactive reports that make it easier to understand complex information. These reports are designed to guide decision-making and optimise strategies.

Incorporating these tools, I can provide you with valuable insights into your digital presence and help you make informed decisions to enhance your online performance.

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Custom web design

Personalised Web Design Services Tailored to Your Needs.

Every custom web design is created from scratch by me, in my home office located in Sale, Manchester. With a genuine passion for web design, I enjoy working with both new and established clients.

My primary focus is on building unique websites with a strong emphasis on user experience. I also believe that collaboration is key, which is why I work closely with clients to ensure that the solutions I deliver are tailored to their needs.